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​​​​​​​Enjoy the endless possibilities of watercolor painting combinations and get closer to your own signature style.

Have you ever created something and wondered why your art didn't look as "together" and harmonious as someone else's?

  • Do you have an art drawer filled with expensive watercolors collecting dust, that you're too afraid to use? It's time to blow the dust off and get to work.
  • You're too scared to ruin what you've already drawn?  

​​​​​​​When I first started painting, most of the time I was unhappy with my art. Soon I realized I didn't know how colors worked with each other and that was the problem.

​​​​​​​Let me help you not only get started with watercolors but understand how to mix colors (from just 3 paints). We will paint the color wheel and with your new skills we will make your work even more beautiful. 

  • You'll gain confidence and a strong foundation in understanding how colors work together
  • Begin to enjoy the endless possibilities of watercolor painting combinations
  • Learn the basics so you can begin creating your own signature style
  • Explore your creative side even more with watercolors
  • Be brave and more confident in your color choices and working with this medium

*We will go over how to paint watercolor washes, two mermaid drawings are included and we will use your new color mixing skills to paint two mermaids as well!

​​​​​​​Class duration: 60 minutes Let's paint together!

Want to see my painting technique for the prints in my Etsy shop?  Watch the video below...


This course is for you if...

  • you want more ease with painting with watercolors.
  • you love whimsical art, especially mermaids.
  • you are ready to tap into your creativity and make your art even more beautiful.

This course is not for you if...

  • you don't have a passion for art.
  • you don't want to try watercolor.
  • you aren't curious about your artistic growth.
“Wonderful course! I went through it to add my own graphics to my printables. I absolutely loved it and am feeling so good about painting with watercolors now. Something I’ve been wanting to do forever, but didn’t dare to. It’s a very good breakdown of what can be a daunting subject, turned into a simple, non-overwhelming and fun project. Absolutely in love with my paintings already. Thank you Erika Barriga!”
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Hi, I'm Erika

Avatar erikabarrigadenverartist

Who's this mermaid loving Erika person you ask?

Well after wasting countless years putting off exploring watercolors I finally took the jump and I'm so happy I did! Since then I've been painting for 9 years and haven't looked back.

Having taught many students (online and one on one) I'm confident I can unlock your creativity and show you the magic of watercolor painting. 

I learned this was my passion and it just may be yours too!

Watercolor Mixing: A Beginner's Guide to Color Harmony

Lesson One: Supplies and a Basic Wash

The small list of supplies needed (from 3 tubes of paint, a brush, paper, etc)

Lesson Two: Color Mixing and the Color Wheel

How to paint a basic watercolor wash

Lesson Three: Watercolor Color Worksheets

Color theory worksheets in easy to use PDF form, breaking down the color wheel so you have downloadable and printable references

Lesson Four: Show Me Your Color Wheel!

This class is immersive, I show you the steps and then it is your turn to show me your painting exercises too

Lesson Five: Color Combinations

The different color combinations that make art pieces work, using these combinations in your work is what makes it come together

Lesson Six - Ten: Watercolor Washes

Understand different ways to get the paint on the paper (watercolor washes) and why

Lesson Eleven and Twelve: Color Mixing Mermaid Projects

This is where everything comes together.  We use all of our skills together in two watercolor mermaid projects.  Using color mixing in the hair, balloons, tail, etc. 

Lesson Thirteen: Color Theory in the Wild

I go over what makes pieces work and why I chose the colors I did in my own work.

Lesson Fourteen: Venn Diagram and Congrats!

More color theory and the next steps in your watercolor journey

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Are you ready to prioritize your passions and take time out just for you? 

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